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KyCAP can do the following:
  • Inform you of benefits available from state and federal programs
  • Help you to understand vocational rehabilitation eligibility requirements
  • Assist in improving communication between you and your counselor
  • Investigate complaints and recommend solutions acceptable to both you and the counselor
  • Assist you, when requested, in the appeals process
  • Refer you to other resources for services, if applicable
  • Assist the vocational rehabilitation agencies to identify and remove program barriers.
You should contact KyCAP if:
  • You have questions regarding the Order of Selection
  • You are experiencing undue delay in the vocational rehabilitation process
  • Have been determined ineligible for vocational rehabilitation services and you do not agree
  • You have questions about your case
  • You have problems with the vocational rehabilitation services that you cannot work out with your counselor
  • Have questions regarding vocational rehabilitation services
  • If you need help in the appeals process.
 KyCAP Clients have the right to:
  • A fair and complete evaluation to determine eligibility
  • Know why they are not eligible for vocational rehabilitation services
  • Make an appeal
  • Confidentiality of all records and reports
  • Help plan their services and goals
  • Quality rehabilitation services with minimum delay
KyCAP Clients have the responsibility to:
  • Help make plans with their vocational rehabilitation counselor
  • Follow through with the plan
  • Ask questions when they do not understand
  • Be on time for appointments
  • Fully cooperate and participate in their vocational rehabilitation program in order to achieve their rehabilitation goal

Last Updated 07/19/2016
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